At the Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium Foundation, our vision is to lose no child to brain cancer, and to improve the quality of life for those fighting and surviving pediatric brain cancer.


To raise resources and influence to support the PNOC Consortium as they provide access to personalized treatment strategies and ultimately improve overall outcomes for children with brain tumors.

Founding Story

The PNOC Foundation was founded to support the work of PNOC in 2013 by Bruce and Allyn Campbell. In 2010 their son George started experiencing morning headaches and nausea. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor, an ependymoma, the size of a small orange, located on the right side of his brain. George underwent 10 hours of surgery and 31 sessions of subsequent radiation therapy. Seven years after his diagnosis, George and his family cherish their time together and fully enjoy the opportunities life has given them. They know they’re blessed and pledge to make the difference in the lives of other children and their families affected by brain tumors by raising awareness and funds for research and clinical trials.

“For too many families, a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis ends in the loss of a young life, so much potential stolen from us. We feel incredibly blessed that our son survived. We want to help find a cure so fewer families suffer devastating loss, and to improve treatments that will help lessen the long-term impacts on surviving children. Action is urgently needed; the time is now.”

Allyn Campbell, Co-founder, PNOC Foundation

The PNOC Foundation Board

  • Bruce Campbell, President
  • Allyn Campbell, Secretary
  • Linda Hartig
  • Darren Tucker
  • Amy Cunha
  • Heather Davis
  • Barbara Karski
  • Richie Goldman
  • Chris Gallagher
  • Angela Caltagirone
  • Ana Johnson
  • Dr. Sung Poblete, PhD, RN

The PNOC Foundation Advisory Council

We are grateful for the PNOC Foundation Advisory Council, which brings experts, leaders and patient families together to lend guidance and expertise to the Foundation.

  • Graham Weaver
  • Mike Jaszewski
  • Christine Yang
  • Kate and Matt McKenzie
  • Robert and Amy Moon
  • Angela Busa
  • Tiffany Gomez


PNOC Foundation is a 501(c)(3).