Our highly ambitious, high reward research will change the course of pediatric brain cancer and save and improve children’s lives.

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Scientist in a laboratory


Through a ground-breaking global collaboration across 25 clinical sites around the globe, PNOC brings together 225+ researchers and clinicians dedicated to bringing new therapies to children and young adults with brain tumors. 


Traditional brain cancer protocols do not mandate tissue samples, and apply blanket treatments which can lead to ineffective treatments and serious adverse side effects. PNOC trials are based on precision medicine and immunotherapy, because we understand that each tumor is as unique as each child.


Many of our trials, if successful, will change the landscape for both children and adults. To date PNOC have opened 23 clinical trials. Example of current trials:
• Using a modified measles virus to target one of pediatric brain cancer’s most aggressive and currently untreatable forms, AT/RT and recurrent medulloblastoma.
• The first ever testing of repeated injections of a nanoparticle embedded with a chemotherapy agent into the brainstem of children using flexible catheters.


Through PNOC's pioneering partnership with the Children’s Brain Tumor Network (CBTN), tissue samples and data are available in real time to researchers around the world. Through a suite of cloud-based data platforms CBTN has co-developed, researchers can access these rich collections of brain tumor data from anywhere in the world. 

PNOC is currently treating 140 children with cutting edge treatments, and aims to offer care to at least 200 children per year by 2019.

There are currently 16 active clinical trials underway.