Pediatric brain cancer is now the most deadly childhood cancer.

The Pacific Pediatric Neuro-oncology Consortium brings 18 of the nation's top hospitals, including 100+ clinicians and researchers together to push for breakthroughs.

Our doctors are disruptors and thoughtful innovators who split from established institutions to take on highly ambitious, high-yield research.

We disrupt the status quo because we know these children can’t wait.
Since 1980, only three cancer drugs have been approved for use in children.

By raising critical research funds for the PNOC Consortium, we at the PNOC Foundation are determined to change that.


Our treatments are cutting edge, and are reaching patients as quickly as possible and well below the 18-month average.


Our treatments are individualized, to maximize efficacy and prevent undue harm.


Our approach is open source and global, and is making research accessible in real time, something never before seen in this field.



children are diagnosed each year, of whom more than 500 will die.


children estimated to be living with a brain tumor in the U.S.


years of life lost each year to pediatric brain cancer.


despite these staggering statistics, pediatric brain cancer only receives ~1% of federal research funding.